ancient-chirporactic-manipulationMost people think getting adjusted is a new idea. This is far from the truth. In 1600 BC in both China and Egypt, written manuscripts describe how to do the adjustment. Further research has found descriptions of the chiropractic adjustment used in many ancient societies to relieve pain and to restore bodily function including Babylon, Syria, India, Tibet, Japan, the native American tribes and societies in South America as the Mayan, Aztec and the Incas.

Convent Hippocrates’s school of medicine. There the students were taught that disease did not come from the wrath of angry gods but from the natural forces surrounding the body. Traditional Western medicine, however, traces its roots back to this line of thinking allowed mankind to understand it played a role in curing diseases and in maintaining good health. In the written text of Hippocrates “On the Nature of Man” he described the healthy body as one in balance. The writings focused on the healing powers of the body that were essential for returning the body to that state of health originally intended. The responsibility of the Hippocratic physician was to preserve bodily balance or to help the body to return to balance from accident or illness. Hippocrates directed his students to not focus on the disease itself but on assisting the body to return to health through exercise, diet, manipulation and rest allowing time for the body to heal itself.

A brief excerpt from “A Brief History of an Ancient Practice” by Michael Lenarz, DC