Chiropractic improves creative thinking

When people think about chiropractors they think about sore necks and aching backs. But a chiropractic visit can do so much more for you than just that. A recent study published in the Chiropractic Journal of Australia showed that chiropractic adjustments can positively affect creative thinking.

Creative thinking is a valuable asset in all areas of life. It is useful for problem solving, innovation, business solutions, art, and design to name a few. The ability to initiate new thoughts and ideas has solved nearly every problem mankind has ever faced.

So how can chiropractic care improve such an important brain function? Lets look deeper at the 2010 study. They used “alternative uses tests” to measure creative abilities both pre and post adjustments. Common everyday items like a shoe, chair, or newspaper were introduced, and subjects were asked to list different ways they could be used.

Once their lists were complete, the test subjects were given a chiropractic adjustment. They were then given another form of the same test. They were also assessed 2 to 8 days later to measure the lasting effects on their creative thinking. Six of the ten participants experienced a significant post-adjustment improvement in their performance on the alternative uses test. The follow up interviews showed an even stronger result. Seven of the ten individuals indicated they had new directions in a real world creative task. Six individuals claimed to have renewed energy towards a creative project they had already planned.

With the profound implications that the results suggest, it seems that we should look more in-depth at the ability of chiropractic adjustments to improve creative thinking as well as physical pain issues. Dr Jim at We Care Wellness is expertly trained in making adjustments to improve all areas of the body and mind.