Dr Wion was my Chiropractor in Fort Recovery, Ohio as well as a good family friend. He has always been very thorough and you can tell he really cares. He was an inspiration for me to become a Chiropractor myself and open my own practice! Thanks Dr Wion!  – Angelita
Dr. Jim is a whole body Chiropractor. Not only is he able to manipulate your spine correctly, he adjusts any joint that may be the root cause of an issue. He also provides you information to better improve your posture and life. We like him so well, I take my entire family to see him. It’s a full 90 min drive from my house to his office. It is such a relief to have a Chiropractor that you can trust. Great results, an expert of high integrity. – Christy
I didn’t really think I had a problem, just a few ‘aches’. Dr Jim explained how my body was telling me something was out of alignment. With the first adjustment I had immediate relief from neck pain. He takes lots of time to explain and teach about the body and how it works. Very knowledgeable, patient and kind. I recommend him to everyone!  – Valerie
Doc is the best Chiropractor I’ve ever had the pleasure of being treated by. Jim was my primary health care giver for over 10 yrs, helping me recover and function pain free after numerous spinal injuries while an active duty Army Ranger for 3 yrs. The damage done and resulting degenerative processes were as successfully treated by Doc as anyone could hope for. He tailors each patients treatment to their specific issues and problems. Jim is a man of impeccable moral character and I trust him and know he has my best interests at heart.  – Vincent
If you don’t have a chiropractor or don’t like the one you have, Dr. Wion will take excellent care of you. Great Results, Expert, High Integrity. Patient since 2008.  – Paul
Dr Wion actually takes enough time for his patients and -I am happy to say- he REALLY helped me unlike my former chiropractor who saw me for about a minute three times a week. Dr Wion knows what he’s doing. – Sacha
Dr. Jim is the best chiropractor I have ever used! He diagnosed and treated me for maladies other chiropractors missed. I am extremely impressed with the level of knowledge and skill Dr. Jim exhibits and demonstrates. I had back surgery in 2000 (three blown discs, two fusions, L3,4 and 5) and he is the first chiropractor to be unafraid in adjusting that area, as well as spending lots of time on my neck. When he finishes adjusting me, it is as if my body was on drugs! It feels SO GOOD that he is getting me to the place where my body needs to be, free from chronic stress, muscle tightness and stuck joints! The man is simply awesome! I am blessed to have him as my doctor, and will continue to see him for years to come. – Marc
My back pain was terrible and it (the adjustment) has taken it away. I am very happy and highly recommend Dr. Jim. – Anonymous
In my 30+ years of chiropractic care Dr. Jim is the Best Doctor I’ve had. Very pleased and five stars. – Anonymous
You guys really are great! I am 80% better since coming to We Care Wellness Centre. We Care says it all.  – Anonymous